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  1. this is highly questionable…. lived for 60years in an islamic culture and never prayed once… smoked 80 cigarettes a day which is over 2000 a month, over 24000 a year… nah!
    and on top of that he found the sense to read all those volumes that many times over, supposed this was true, how many people before his son would have told him that he would go to hell for not praying? and your saying all this happened because he asked his son to cut of his beard… this is a beautiful story, but anyone who dared to exercise sense would tell you its EXTREMELY improbable.

  2. religion is in the mosque 99% of the mosques in Britain don't allow women in. why do women have to pray at home? why do we never hear a female preacher why do the mosque mullahs make it sound as if men are superior? I honestly am beginning to dislike Islam it seems as if this religion is only for men not women, I don't care what excuse you come up with but women are not welcome to mosques the way men are. what kind of religions that? but when someone passes away most of the dues and Qurans read for the dead person are read by women. Most Muslim men I have come across read no where near as much as Muslim women read why are they still welcome more to a mosque than women are?

  3. I Advice Everyone To Stop Watching This

    What will really take you to heaven ?

    1-Believe in Allah
    2-Believe in Judgement Day
    3-Do Righteous Deeds

    That's it
    Source: Quran Surat Al-Baqara Ayaht 62

    So will I go to hellfire if I don't pray ?
    If you say yes you are against a verse in the Quran
    Similar verses in the Quran to this one but same meaning and purpose

  4. My father Muslim died not praying, he didn't fast or pray much. He prayed once in while. I'm afraid for him, I didn't give him Dawah the right way. He didn't have any friends, his parents didn't teach him. Someone give me advice

  5. Asalamu aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh dear brothers!

    I ask you it is very important and is a brother in big trouble. His teacher does not want him to graduate and refuses any compromise!
    Furthermore, if he does not, he can not even repeat the exam!
    He did not do anything wrong, his grades are not particularly good, but the teacher refuses to give him the grade, despite the fact that he has been given a special lecture and the rest!

    I ask you to be Duaa dear brothers! Please mention it today in your requested!

    Jazzakallahu Khaiyr, may Allah reward you with the best

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