Valley of Gold – The Desire For Materialism

Video Produced by Ayat (link in the description)

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Speaker: Shaykh Riyadh ul Haq

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  1. okay I have a question to ask, I'm not sure but do vampires exist? If you can then will you please make a video telling us if vampires and ware wolves exist! My main question is on vampires so yh but please can u make a video explaining if vampires exist or not. My friend once told me that vampires used to exist like ages back id say about the 18th centuries but apperantly their extinct now so I'm not sure that's why I'm asking if they still do exist or not and if vampires ever did exist. Thankyou and id be really happy if you did a video about vampires explaining if they ever did exist or not.

  2. SubhanAllah you make beautiful videos. The production of this video was amazing; I absolutely LOVED the Graphics within this one video. Keep up the good work brother and continue to make such videos. I'm glad I subscribed to you back in 2012 – 2013.

  3. All the mercy you will ever need,
    has already provided, but the
    Almighty Eternal Creator will not set aside
    any part of His 100% Utterly Just nature
    in simply handing out mercy to you—
    even for your most sincere repentance and good deeds.
    His Justice demands punishment for sin—all sin,
    so He made the way—the only way—He can accept
    for all your sin to completely cleansed.
    By presuming that you will be given mercy on Resurrection Day?
    No chance. He cannot be less than completely, Utterly Just,
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  4. asallam u allikum
    anyone who want to question about islam and muhammad (saw) they can asked me
    because 70% people of europe they dont know about true islam
    so plz any question about islam can ask me inshallah i will give them answeres

  5. i don't have a job i think my 4 year graduation is worthless … money is happiness money is life there is no such thing​ accept money which can make me happy ….. and i don't have that ..this makes me want to become a thief my instinct tells me that i can be a great and creative thief well this is what u do when you don't have a job people earn money for me so I can make them unhappy and make myself​ happy

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