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  1. Enna Lillah Wa Enna Elaihi Rajeeon. (We all came from HIM and we all shall return to HIM).
    Nothing is permanent in this world, so don't give more importance to this world life. Prepare for Akhira (life after death) which is everlasting.

  2. O Allah I ask You for your Love and the Love of those whom You Love. And the actions that will cause me to attain Your Love. O Allah make Your Love more beloved to me than myself, my family and cold water. Ameen.

  3. ⚠❤ Ibn Taymiyyah Raḥimahullāh: “And know that anyone who loves a thing more than Allāh then it is INEVITABLE that he be hurt by the thing he loves.”

    [مجموع الفتاوى ١/٢٨]

    ALLAHUMMA AJIRNI MINAN NAAR. May we all be granted Jannah, Ameen ya Rab.

  5. Allah.I love ALLAH. Once I loved something.What happened? It was as if it didn't care for me. Allah loves me…I love Allah…he wouldn't hate me! I will never ever hate him!!!

  6. They are harming us by food poisioning, and no sheikh is talking about this. All are just focusing on prayers and stop sinning. Why is no sheikh or medical educated islam preacher talk about the food poisioning for example sugar, salt, wheat (gluten), processed food, pasteurized cow milk, GMO seeds, flour in water, pesticides in our food and also fed to the animals which we eat and MUCH MUCH MUCH more, I can go all day. Why are they sleeping about this matter? Why don't they inform everyone to stop eating all the junk which is the cause of modern and man made diseases such as cancer, diabetes, adhd, acne, skin irritation, hair loss, and so on aswell! This is crime against humanity, the muslim community should wake up and save themselves and their relatives and parents.

  7. Salaam When I See These Videos It makes me feel good Really good Coversation But May I Wish Something As a Muslim Brother From U I Don't know how to Create Video But Know THAT How to Talk Power Full Coversation I Wished I'm not saying that u must Do it I say as a wish Made a Video For Me My Facebook Nesar Ahmad Sayad Please please please please Find Me I Will Send you The Conversation It's is a wish as a Muslim Brother

  8. brother Muslims what have you done to Sweeden a nation that has brouth you in with open hands to rescue you from the wars that have occurred in you country
    that peaceful nation has become, I can't even describe it isn't it enough what Isis and al-qaida has done to destroy the image of Islam women children, murdered raped treated like animals please get out of there what have you done proves that you refugees from iraq syria anywhere don't deserve the love and care of Sweeden
    shame on you if Muhammed (pbuh) was alive would he would be ashamed of you. he would have called you non Muslims
    shame on you get out of theire country

  9. I loved this lecture! I feel as though this lecture was especially written for me! And the speaker was quite unlike some others who belittle and condemn the ones who had misstepped.

    I am, hopefully, a practising Muslim. I try to think of Allah in the good times, as well as in the bad times. Recently though, I have become distracted and occupied and this is bothering me. I think of my beloved all the time. I believe I am obsessed. In addition, I have anxiety and depression. I don't like this as I sometimes, shamefully, forget about my Lord.

  10. Asalamu aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh dear brothers!

    I ask you it is very important and is a brother in big trouble. His teacher does not want him to graduate and refuses any compromise!
    Furthermore, if he does not, he can not even repeat the exam!
    He did not do anything wrong, his grades are not particularly good, but the teacher refuses to give him the grade, despite the fact that he has been given a special lecture and the rest!

    I ask you to be Duaa dear brothers! Please mention it today in your requested!

    Jazzakallahu Khaiyr, may Allah reward you with the best

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